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Know when to pump that tank!

Maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your septic system healthy and running for the long term. When you notice any of these signs call us immediately 


Keeping your septic tanks pumped and inspected every 3-5 years can save you loads of money and a headache. Ignoring this can result in failure of your septic system.

Clogging and Smell.

If you notice any clogging of your toilets or drains then this will be a good indicator of when it's time to get your tank pumped. Also, any sewage odor you notice outdoors is a great tell-tale sign, 


Any puddles of sewage water that are building up or overflowing in your yard or near the tank itself can be a sign of septic failure. 


Depending on when your septic system was installed, some systems include a visual or audible alarm that can notify you when it's time to get that tank pumped. 

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